As I had the Fish curry with Raw Turmeric prepared by Minakshi, my taste buds experienced an exotic symphony of flavors. My subconscious was transported to the beautiful valleys and streams of Assam, almost feeling the gentle breeze kissing the tree tops. For an instant, I was back in Guwahati, Assam ,watching the Sun peeking over the majestic almighty Brahmaputra. All the recipes in this book are a gastronomic delight.

Dr. Arvin Chawla Physician/Author

"The Echo of Footprints", "Deadly Recall", "Terminal Care"

When I came to know about the Assamese Recipe book by Assamese ( Axomiya ) Pakghor, I felt this is a gigantic effort. The Assamese food is basically very delicious and mouthwatering for foodies who love little spice to its extent. The variety of recipes with rice by side a feast to remember. I believe the book will showcase the rich Assamese food varieties from the tribes in plains and hills too.

My Best Wishes!

Mark Bordoloi Entrepreneur and Community Leader

We are honored and privileged to be writing about the amazing culinary Assamese delights

“Axomiya Pakghar “ — it personally makes us feel at home away from home!! Some of our favorites include the following Recipes-

Fish curry with raw turmeric & curry leaves (Kesa Halodhi , Noro- Xing- Ho paatere masoor Jhul ) which Minakshi makes so nicely , Fenugreek pickle, Assamese Authentic sweet / snacks Teel pitha , Tel pitha , Gheela pitha and our mind flies 7500 miles back to Assam from Washington DC .

Partha Gogoi

Technology Evangelist and Advanced Analytics Leader

Food is an elixir of life. We eat when we are happy, we eat when we are sad, we discuss what to eat in dinner while eating lunch.Indian cuisine is heart-warmingly vibrant and Assam contributes greatly to this diversity. where Assam hills gave us fermented and dried food, plains complimented by fresh produce and fish. Assamese cuisines mostly included sour/Tenga, sweet, khar .All varieties full of flavors and spices. Don’t forget to finish your meal with fine Assamese tea.Serving Assamese food in traditional bell metal dishes,which has it’s own medicinal health benefits,it evokes memories of your childhood , embrace of your mother feeding you. All the authentic recipes by “Axomiya Pakghor”

“one can’t think well , love well,sleep well, if one has not dined well”- Virginia Woolf.

Dr Rajeev Khanna Physician/President of Rajdhani Temple.

Each page of “Axomiya Pakghar”recipes takes you back to the lush earthy world of Assam. The aroma of ancient eastern spices permeating each recipe from an ancient land where food is created not just to delight the palate but to nourish the soul and bestow a lifetime of health.

Dr. Ravi R Iyer

The Iyer Clinic

I am very glad to hear that “ Axomiya Pakghar “ has taken a remarkable step to publish Authentic Assamese Cookbook. Being married to an Assamese , I was introduced to Authentic Assamese delicacies & I was amazed as these verities are not easily find in any Indin restaurants here. This book will help many who are interested in cooking as its written language is English.” Thank you “Axomiya Pakghar “.

Hollis Casey Inman

North Carolina, U.S.A.

I was introduced to Assamese food through my wife. I, being an American and a trained chef, was immediately intrigued by the new ingredients, seasoning and spices. Minakshi's recipes have furthered my knowledge and love for all things Assamese. Mustard oil, rohu fish, bitter gourd, Steamed Pitha ( Mohura pitha) to name a few. All of “Axomiya Pakghar “range from small snacks to entrees. I love how all the recipes marries fresh herbs, vegetables and proteins with savory / spicy influences through the use of curry leaves and regional chilis. The brightness of the citrus and coriander leaves balanced out by the smokey depth of the dry spice blends are what keeps me returning to this book for more ideas.

John Bogaczyk Sales Manager/ Chef "Alumni, Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York"

This is such a wonderful book by Assamese( Axomiya ) Pakghor. As an Assamese, born and brought up in the UK and now living in New York, having access to the recipes for such fine Assamese delicacies not only brings me closer to my heritage, but fulfills the nostalgia from not being able to visit back home as often. I love cooking these recipes together with my children who love the various flavors, aromas and spices. When we are unable to travel it reminds them of their Aita’s cooking from London!

Rita Kakati-Shah

Founder & CEO, Uma, New York

Award-winning global strategist, Fortune 500 advisor, best-selling author, gender equality, diversity and inclusion thought leader and international speaker.