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At Axomiya Pakghor, our goal is to spread our Axomiya {Assamese} culture by sharing our mouth watering diverse Assamese food to tease your culinary taste buds with aroma and taste authentically straight from a Axomiya Pakghor recipe. This is one of many publications to come compiling a list of Axomiya delicacies contributed by a versatile list of everyday life group of people with a passion to cook exotic dishes. Today, whether you want to cook something tasty, healthy or just curious for something new, Axomiya Pakghor recipes have you covered.

We believe that you are food enthusiast and love exploring new dishes. This is why we offer this publication which is full of recipes with easy to follow step by step instructions to be able to cook at your own pace including categories of food, ingredient list, knowledge of usage and health benefits and procedures to cook.